Eastern and Western Entrepreneurship

East meets West in a tapestry of entrepreneurship that’s as diverse as it is fascinating. The historical narratives, philosophical leanings, and cultural nuances of these two pillars of civilization have shaped their unique entrepreneurial landscapes.

The entrepreneurial saga of the West is as enduring as its civilizations, from the ingenious traders of ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome to the innovative leaders of Silicon Valley. Throughout history, the West has embraced an entrepreneurial spirit that fuels invention and innovation.


In the East, entrepreneurship has traversed its unique pathway. The Silk Road, for instance, was more than a trade route; it was a vibrant artery for exchanging ideas and technologies that connected the East with the broader world and spawned a unique entrepreneurial ethos.


A compelling case study of the influence of local philosophies on entrepreneurial practices in South Korea. The nation’s Confucian roots have been intricately woven into its entrepreneurship, politics, and governance fabric. Moreover, Confucian principles of ethical leadership and societal harmony have inspired the nation, steering it into an economic powerhouse.


Confucianism, with its emphasis on duty, propriety, and cultivating relationships, permeates the mindset of the Korean entrepreneur. Guided by this philosophy, these entrepreneurs often adopt a measured approach, valuing long-term relationships, quality, and reliability over short-term gains.


This Confucian-inspired approach contrasts sharply with Western entrepreneurship’s individualistic ethos. The latter is often associated with an unrelenting pursuit of immediate profits, viewing risk and aggression as steps toward entrepreneurial success rather than threats.


This interplay of Eastern and Western entrepreneurial philosophies will be in the spotlight at Gwangju’s 67th ICSB World Congress. With a timely theme – “Entrepreneurship for Humanity and Peace” – the Congress will bring together thought leaders from across the globe. It promises to be a unique platform that explores the synergies and differences in global entrepreneurial practices, paving the way for a more harmonious and peaceful entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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